Dental Bridges Were Cutting-edge At One Point In Time

Dental Implant Bridge For Washington DC

Dental Implant Bridge For Washington DC

As recent as twenty years ago, dental bridges were probably the best way to deal with a missing tooth. If you needed more than two replaced, then you were probably looking to get a set of dentures. Dentures, for as as they were, also posed a ton of challenges; which included, but was not limited to, sliding, creating gum soreness, shifting, slipping, and upkeep. Bridges were great if you only needed a few teeth replaced, but if you needed more than that, than you needed to go in another direction. They also forced dentists to destroy healthy teeth to install the replacement teeth.  they were not as effective. It was one of the best ways at the time, but today we have a much better option.

Today, dental implants rule the cosmetic dental world; and are the primary option to deal with a missing tooth, or teeth. With implants, there is no such thing as your teeth sliding, shifting, or causing your gums to ache. This cannot happen with implants because they are not sitting on your gums like dentures, they are implanted into the gums. They become a part of your gums, and are therefor working like any other natural tooth.

With implants, no healthy tooth has to be destroyed. See, with a bridge, a healthy tooth is filed down, and the new tooth is attached to a crown that sits atop the filed down tooth. To be fair, bridges are very effective; but they do not have the same appeal as a dental implant. Implants are part of the jawbone and gums once they have had time to heal. They work like any other tooth, and all you need to do is follow simple dental hygiene practices, and you will never have to worry about them again.


Implants are metal posts made of titanium that is literally drilled into the jaw. After time has passed, the dentist reopens the area, and screws in the piece known as the abutment. The abutment allows the dentist to cement the crown into place atop the implant. When it’s all said and done, you have yourself the best replacement tooth on the market today.

Many patients still choose bridges, and dentures, instead of implants. Some do so because of budget constraints, and others are still led to believe that old methods are still the best. At Tooth implant Washington DC, we tell all our patients, “If you can afford, then you need to do it. And if you can’t afford it, then you still need to find a way to do it.” Once the procedure is done, you never have to worry about that tooth again; and that gives peace of mind. With other options, you have to be careful of what you eat, and maintaining the prosthetic; at least in the case of the dentures. Implants are one, and done, event.

To find out if implants are a good fit for you, or a family member, fill in the form here on the page, and one of the staff will get back with you right away. Another option, and probably a better one, just pick up the phone; and call the number here on the screen. We look forward to serving you soon!

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