The Teeth Next Day Plan Is Now Available

In a world of instant gratification, why should we have to wait for our replacement teeth to settle into place before we can get them? Well, that issue is no longer one for implant patients, with the arrival of Teeth Next Day.

In the past, holes were drilled directly into the patient’s jawbone, and metal posts were screwed into place, before the dentist closed everything up, to allow the body to heal itself over the course of four, to as many as nine, months.

This new program allows dentist to set the implants in place, and provide the patient with a temporary solution they can use, until their implants fully heal – providing a much more permanent solution.

Of course, not all implant dentists are providing this particular service; however to find out if our Pro is, give us a call at 202-759-8572 to schedule a consultation.

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