What To Keep A Lookout For With Implants In Washington DC

Getting Implants Placed In Washington DC

Getting Implants Placed In Washington DC

Dental implants were introduced to the public back in 1982; and since then, their growth has been nothing of phenomenal. Although they have been around for over thirty years, many people still have no idea how they work. This has caused patients to green light treatment, and procedures, we at Tooth Implant Washington DC, feel are a bit outdated.

Dental prosthetics like dentures were great for the times they were created in. However, why would you opt for dentures when you can have real teeth implanted into your jaw? teeth that will allow you to eat, drink, and talk with no troubles. With dentures, there are some foods and liquids not recommended. In many cases, they would slip, shift, or slide during a meal; or even when you were involved in a conversation. We’re not saying that dentures are as hard to deal with today as they were in the past, but why have any of those possibilities at play, when you have the chance to have an implant placed in your jaw, that will stay til the day you are no longer with us – that’s a long time!

Implants are more advanced today than they were when they first introduced all those years ago. They are also much more affordable. A traditional dental implant procedure is made up of three parts. The first part is the implant work itself. A metal post is drilled into the jawbone. The second part of the procedure occurs after the metal post has been allowed to fuse with the bone.  This phase of the procedure is where the “abutment” is screwed into the implant. The abutment connects the implant with the crown. The last phase would be the crown.

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An implant, when properly done, acts like a true replacement tooth. You can floss around, brush it, and it isn’t going anywhere; because it is fused with the jawbone. The key to the whole process is the downtime between phase one and phase two. When enough time is given for the post to fuse with the bone, the implant is about 80% of the way done at that point.

Unlike natural teeth, implants do not decay. They aren’t sensitive to cold or heat, and aren’t in jeopardy of getting cavities. However plaque will develop if you do not maintain a normal dental hygiene routine.

To find out if you are a candidate for implants, set up your free oral examination all our implant experts offer our patients. You can do this by filling out the form here on the page, or by calling the number listed on the page. Allow the implant specialists to deliver to you the smile you know you truly deserve!

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